Wedding Details Form

There are a couple of details I need off you in order for me to best capture your wedding.
Please ensure names & address are spelt correctly. If some of the details have not yet been finalized yet, please leave them blank and I shall confirm them with you at a later date

Contact number for bride's house on the morning of the wedding
Bride's Make-up At Prep Address *
Please state if the make up is being done at bride's house or at a different address?
Location of Make-up if not at Bride's Prep Address
Contact number for the groom's house on the morning of the wedding
Please list out the list of official family portraits you would like to be taken. Extra variations can be added on the day but this will be the list we will work from so that we don't over look your wanted family with the excitement of the day.
Have you planned any other activities besides dancing and partying the night away? eg: Lighting Sparklers, Lanterns etc. It is important I know of these in advance as I may need to bring extra equipment to photograph these properly.
Second Photographer *
Do you want me to bring my second photographer
Food *
Being provided with a nice hot meal after a long day of photographing is so very much appreciated. I don't expect to be sitting in with your guests and I'm perfectly happy with bar food. Ultimately it is up to you if you want to feed me, if not, I just need a heads up incase I need to pack sandwiches (PS. if I have a second photographer with me, they are sent home before speeches/meal as there isn't any real need for them at this point)
If you are having a Videographer, please write in their name and company
Facebook Post *
Do you mind if I post a few photos to the Signature Photography Facebook page and Instagram from your wedding shortly after your wedding. These photos will be shown to you for your approval before they would be posted. If you would prefer not to have any photos posted, please tick the second box and I wont annoy you by asking later, I totally understand that you would just rather keep your photos to yourself :)
GDPR Permissions *
By ticking this box, you allow permission for Paul Quinn of Signature Photography IE to store all details provided for the purposes of photographing your wedding. All details provided will be stored on a private and secure database. All information is kept private and will NOT be shared with any third party. Your information may be deleted upon your request at any time.